Ordering stamp replacement text plates and ink pads

For all Trodat stamps and Colop stamps you can also order the corresponding replacement text platesand replacement ink pads (also called stamp pads) from us. Make sure you have the number of your stamp model at hand to make sure you order the correct and matching replacement material. You will find the model number on the body of your stamp.

Text plates and ink pads - What is the difference?

Replacement text plates for stamps make up the imprint of the stamp. The text plates are laser-cut from a rubber sheet, which creates the desired imprint. When replacing your existing text plate, it is important to also change the ink pad, as the stamp imprint presses into the ink pad and over time deforms it. Only by additionally changing the ink pad is it possible to create a neat new impression. That's why we supply all replacement text plates with a new ink pad.

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Replacement ink pads are needed so that the text plate of a stamp can absorb the ink to generate the stamp impression. As soon as the stamp no longer gives a clean / complete imprint or a new text plate is applied, it is advisable to replace the ink pad of the stamp. Each self inking stamp has it's specific ink pad which will last for several thousand stamp impressions!

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What should I look for when ordering replacement material for stamps?

When ordering, make sure the model number of your stamp matches the product ordered. This is the only way to ensure that the size of the text plate and the ink pad match your existing stamp.

In our detailed search you will find different options on how to find replacement material for your existing stamp model. When searching, make sure, you also enter the slash when entering an ink pad number, e.g. 6/4912 instead of 64912 for Trodat or E/60 instead of E60 for Colop.

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On our detailed search page you will also find visual help on how to find / locate the exact model details on your stamp.

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